Privacy Policy

Confidentiality and security are fundamental values of MyPoppins, S.L., and consequently, we commit to guaranteeing the privacy of the User at all times and to not gathering unnecessary information. Below, we provide all the necessary information about our Privacy Policy regarding the personal data that we receive, detailed below:

  • Who is the person responsible for processing your data.
  • The purpose of gathering the data that we request.
  • What the authentication is for the data processing.
  • How long your data is kept for.
  • Who your data is shared with.
  • What your rights are.



MyPoppins, S.L. (B66861527)
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Addressed to, “MyPoppins”, “Usor thePerson responsible for data processing”.


Personal Data makes reference to the kind of information or data which can be identified directly (for example, your name or surname) or indirectly (for example, your national identity document, or NID). Personal Data includes information such as your email address, postal code, contact telephone number, personal preferences, consumer habits and content generated by the user, among other elements. It could also include unique identifying numbers such as the IP address of your computer, as well as the information that we gather through cookies.

This privacy policy covers all the personal data compiled and used by MyPoppins. Presently, the user (you) accepts that the Personal Data supplied is correct and exact and you agree to notify us of any changes or modifications to these details. Any loss or damage caused by wrong, inexact or incomplete communication information given to the Web, the Person Responsible for Data Processing or to any third party will be the sole responsibility of the user.

We can collect or receive your data through our website, questionnaires, registration web pages in our employee database, such as social network pages, among others.

In several cases, you will provide us with your Personal Data directly (for example, when you create an account or when you get in touch with us), or in other cases we collect it ourselves (for example, using cookies in order to understand how you use our website).

3. PURPOSES, AUTHENTICATION AND PRESERVATION of sent data processing through:


  - Purposes: To provide a way for you to contact us and to answer your request form for information.
- Authentication: Your consent to provide us with the information through our contact form.
- Preservation: Once your request has been resolved through our form or by email, if it hasn’t generated a new process.


  - Purposes: To send you our commercial newsletter, as well as informative and advertising emails about our products or services that are to your interest, including electronic media (email, SMS, WhatsApp), if you have ticked the ‘accept’ box.
- Authentication: Your consent to subscribe to our commercial emails and/or newsletters.
- Preservation: Until the applicant revokes consent and requests the cancellation of the service.


In order to be able to request the saving of a service as a client, you will have to register and fill in the required personal data, which includes name, surname, email and an access key (password), among others. You will be the sole responsible person in the case of third parties using the stated data, including action resulting in the use of an email and/or password. You guarantee that all data provided to MyPoppins is true, exact and complete.
Additionally, you agree to keep your data current. In the possible event that you provide any false, inexact or incomplete data, or if MyPoppins believes that there is justified cause to doubt the veracity, exactitude or integrity of this data, MyPoppins could refuse you present and future access and use of the Platform or to any of its content and/or services.
- Purposes:
      1. Management of registration and membership to the platform.

      2. Correct provision of the service to the clients.
      3. To respond to questions/enquiries from the users in relation to their requests/petitions and to interact with them.
      4. To manage any dispute related to the service request.

     5. Sending of our commercial bulletin, such as informative communications and advertisements of our products and services, including electronic media (email, SMS, WhatsApp), if the ‘accept’ box is ticked.
      6. Loyalty schemes, guarantees and quality of the service.
- Authentication: Your expressed consent. Acceptation of the Terms and Conditions.
- Preservation:
      1. Personal Data: Until you cancel the subscription and demand the deletion, such as during the necessary time to fulfil the legal obligations.
      2. Personal data obtained to offer your consent for the sending of commercial communications: Until you cancel the subscription and demand that it is cancelled.


In order to be able to register on our employee database and to become a part of our Poppins fleet (cleaning person team member), such as for the correct offer of cleaning services, you should register and fill in the required personal data in the form, which includes your name, surname and mobile telephone number, among others. You will be the sole person responsible in the case of third parties using your given data.

You agree that all the data provided to MyPoppins is true, exact and complete.

Additionally, you commit to keeping your data up to date. In the possibility that you provide any false, inexact or incomplete data, or if MyPoppins believes that there is justified cause to doubt the veracity, exactitude or integrity of this data, MyPoppins could refuse present and future access and use of the Platform or to any of its content and/or services.

With the objective to protect the clients that hire the cleaning services of MyPoppins, we ask that our users register a certificate of a criminal record that shows that no crimes have been incurred. Not being accredited could impede you in forming part of our MyPoppins fleet (cleaning person team member).

  - Purposes:
1. Correct management of registration and access to the platform.
    2. Assessment to accessing the Poppins fleet (cleaning person team member).
    3. Management of commercial relations.
    4. Correct provision of the services requested by clients.
    5. To manage any dispute related to the request / benefits of a service.
    6. Assessment of the quality of services provided.
    7. Fulfilling statistics regarding services provided to clients.
    8. Invoicing the services provided.
- Authentication: Your expressed consent. Accepting the Terms and Conditions.
- Preservation personal data: Until you cancel your subscription and demand that it is deleted, as well as the time necessary in the case of complying to legal obligations.

- Purposes: To answer your requests for information, to handle your requests and to respond to your queries or doubts. In the case of receiving your Curriculum Vitae, your personal data and qualifications could form part of our database in order to participate in our present and future selection processes. 
Authentication: The consent of the user when asking us for information through email or sending your data and CV in order to participate in our selection process. 
Preservation: Once your request has been resolved through our form or by email, if it hasn’t generated a new process. In the event of receiving your CV, your details will be retained for a maximum period of one year for future selection processes.

Obligation to provide us with your personal data and consequences of doing so.

The personal data requested is necessary for managing your requests and/or providing services that can be contracted, meaning that if you do not provide us with them, we cannot handle them correctly or provide the service that has been requested.

In all cases, we reserve the right to decide about the incorporation of your personal data and further information in our database or not.


When you send us or show us communications or personalized content, we can use several technical qualifications such as “profile” (that is to say, a type of automatic process of personal data which consists of using this data to evaluate certain personal aspects of an individual, in particular to analyze or predict aspects related with personal preferences, interests, behavior or location). This means that we can collect personal data about you to create this profile. We put this information together and analyze it to evaluate and predict your preferences and/or personal interests, such as improving usability.

Based on our analysis, we send or show communications and/or content adapted to your interests/ needs.


- The Personal Data that we receive about you can be given by personal members of MyPoppins, on the legal basis of legitimate interest, to comply with administrative purposes.

- In the case of Poppins (cleaning person team member), some of your data could be communicated to clients who request cleaning services through the MyPoppins platform.-In the case of clients, some of your data could be communicated to the Poppins (cleaning person team member) employees, for the correct features of the service.

Additionally, your personal data could be sent to:

- Third parties which supply IT services, such as providers of the platform, accommodation services, maintenance and support in our database, as well as our software and applications which can contain data about you.

- Third parties which help us to provide digital services, such as identity administration, CRM, web analysis and search engines.

- Digital Media and social networks to help us provide advertisements, marketing and campaigns, to analyze their efficacy and to administrate your contact and questions.

- Providers of EEE outside location services such as Google LLC, will be able to access your personal information. These service providers agree to the “Privacy Shield” and, therefore, are obligated to protect your personal data in accordance to a series of protection and safeguarding laws well defined by the European Union.

- Third parties to comply with the law.

We assure you that all the communication of your personal information that we carry out to these third parties with whom we share your personal information comply with the legislation that is applicable to us.


Any person can withdraw their consent at any moment, when it has been accepted for data processing. Under no circumstances does the withdrawing of this consent determine the execution of the subscription of the contract or the relationships generated previously.

Equally, you can exercise the following rights:

Request access to your personal data or to rectify when they are inexact.
Request your deletion when, among other reasons, the data is no longer necessary for the reasons that they were collected.
Request the limitation of data processing in special circumstances.
Oppose your data being processed for reasons connected to your particular situation.
Request data portability in cases provided in the regulations.
Other recognized rights in the applicable regulations.

Where and how to request your data: Through a letter addressed to the person responsible through post or email (see part 1), referencing “Personal Data”, specifying the right that you would like to exercise and regarding which personal data.

In the event of discrepancies with the business regarding your data processing, you can send a complaint to the Data Protection Agency (



With the purpose of safeguarding the security of your personal data, we inform you that we have adopted all the necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of the personal data supplied against its alteration, loss and processing or unauthorized access.


As it is important that we are able to keep your data up to date, always inform us if there have been any modifications in it, otherwise we will not take responsibility for the veracity of it.

We are not responsible for the privacy policy regarding personal data that can be provided to third parties through the links available on our website.


If you have any doubts or concerns about the way we treat and use your personal data or wish to exercise any of the previously described rights, please contact