About us

MyPoppins is a team of passionate people who enjoy making the most of their free time.

C’mon baby, allez toi, vamos ya, we're in the digital age now! It’s no longer about asking friends if they know someone who knows someone... In the 21st century you simply book in a Poppins and... at the snap of your fingers, your home is as clean as a whistle!

Our mission? To connect people who want to take advantage of their time. As a marketplace, we put Poppins (cleaning professionals) in contact with people who need help with household chores. By using our platform, they both save time as we make the process simple and fast.

We created MyPoppins in January 2017 and... we have almost already conquered the world, so watch out, cause we are aiming for infinity and beyond!

MyPoppins values

Do you want to know which values make us strive for excellence?

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Live and Love MyPoppins

Each and every one of us who are part of the MyPoppins world, Poppins and employees alike, wear our t-shirt with pride. It just makes sense. We don’t simply work here, we are brand ambassadors who believe in the project and work together to make it a success.

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Poppins first

Poppins always have priority. After all, they are the face of MyPoppins, our wings. We value and respect the cleaning industry and work hard to further develop it and move it forward.

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Be water my friend

Everything is constantly changing around us... and we’re OK with that. Flexibility is part of our DNA, which is why we are constantly looking for new ways of doing things.

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Think big

Given that we're going to think anyway, why not think big? Seeing as though we're throwing sayings out there: MyPoppins is all about ‘sleeping less and dreaming more’ and ‘believing that ‘nothing is impossible, only improbable’ and ‘we’re always hungry’. Both for cookies and new challenges.

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Metrics, metrics, metrics...

To be clear about where we are going and never forget where we came from. To admit mistakes and fix them if we can. And to always be focused... Unless we can discover new paths from being unfocused.